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  • Jazz - I Want a Sugar Daddy for Christmas2:51
  • Country-Do I0:00
  • Rock-From the Inside0:00
  • Rap-Calm Retreat0:00
  • Acoustic-Black and White 2:17
  • Rap-Classic 0:22
  • Rock-Generational Spokesman0:00
  • Rock-Heart of the matter0:00
  • Rap-Juice0:00
  • R&B-Let it go3:15
  • Rock-Vinyl Fangs 0:00
  • Gospel-The Prayer0:00
  • Rock-Shook me all night long0:00
  • Country-Love your love the most0:00
  • Pop-Ko si ti0:00

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Jonathan Swift 

Jonathan Swift had two top forty hits, Early In the Morning and The Kiss on MCA records. He's sung at the Legendary Stardust casino in Las Vegas, MGM Grand, and The Riveria. Jonathan Swift had his latest CD mixed and mastered at Central Recording Studio. 


Unlike any other band you heard, they believe that musical genres should have no borders. Combined of professionally trained musicians form different countries, Mekam delivers colorful and masterful performance. After recording their EP Mekam is now getting ready to enter the studio again to record a new album. 

Sweet Surrender 

"Sweet Surrender (Lia)" by Way Past Saturday! A Pop/Punk band from southeast Michigan was recorded mixed and mastered at Central Recording. 

Shua - Move On

"Move On" by Shua is a powerful pop song with a deep message.  The song was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at Central Recording Studio.

Central Recording Studio provides a variety of services in audio production; from tracking, editing, mixing and audio mastering, to beat production. Pro Tools and Cubase are used to provide maximum flexibility for your recording needs. The studio offers a professional environment and positive atmosphere.  Since 2006 we have recorded mixed and mastered many different genres; rock, rap, heavy metal, gospel, folk etc. Contact us to book your session.
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