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  • Winter Wonderland 2:31
  • You Put The Stars Back In My Eyes (ft. Tim McGraw Band Members) 2:49
  • Rap-Classic 0:22
  • Rap-Juice0:00
  • Feeling it 5:17
  • Sugar Daddy For Christmas (ft. Tim McGraw's Band Members) 2:50
  • Little Orange Shack 3:32
  • You Got Me 3:21
  • Jazz - I Want a Sugar Daddy for Christmas2:51
  • Country-Do I0:00
  • Rock-From the Inside0:00
  • Triple Threat (ft. Swift from D-12) 3:08
  • Rap-Calm Retreat0:00
  • Acoustic-Black and White 2:17
  • Rock-Generational Spokesman0:00
  • Rock-Heart of the matter0:00
  • R&B-Let it go3:15
  • Rock-Vinyl Fangs 0:00
  • Gospel-The Prayer0:00
  • Rock-Shook me all night long0:00
  • Country-Love your love the most0:00
  • Where's The Beef3:11

where art meets excellence 

Loved the vibe of this place the second we walked in the door. The Solar Empire appreciates Ved and everything he's done for us over the past few months! Great guy, great studio and very generous prices."


"After searching nearly six months for a suitable studio, I finally found Ved.  He was polite and prompt!  Ved and his staff treated my songs like they were all potential top-ten hits.  I'd recommend Central Mixing and Mastering to anyone who is interested in a studio with a professional atmosphere.  It's been three years since I've known Ved.  I'm anxious to get back in there and do some more work!" 

- David Acquaviva

"Ved was recommended to me by my Dad's friend in August of 2013.  Central Recording Studio has always been my first choice. From the very first time I walked in.  The staff took great care and interest in their work. Their production quality is always outstanding. Head engineer Ved Kapic is always working diligently to produce the best product he is capable of producing. I cannot recommend their service enough!"  

- Trevor Wood 

"I have been in many studios, especially in the Detroit area but this is on a plane of its own. Not only is there great sounding equipment but from the moment you walk through the door you feel completely comfortable and at home. The positive vibes just engulf you and it co​mes through in the music. Looking forward to recording and having fun in the creative process is what its all about. Ved is awesome, professional, so easy to work with, very encouraging and inspiring, a great engineer who always does everything to make you happy. I love Central Recording" and I look forward to every chance I get to work there.        

Kianna Ryan, Vice President
Death by Lipstick Productions
Director of Promotion & Marketing,
III Worlds Entertainment & Music Group

"Central Recording Studio is one of the best studios that I've found. Ved was always a pleasure to work with,  I would, and have recommended this studio to all of my friends in the music."   


Ved Kapic, Owner

Later Ved had a life time opportunity and experience to learn and work in the biggest Detroit Studios with the late, great, multi Grammy award-winning, engineer Steve King  who was directly connected to artists such as Eminem, Aretha Franklin, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and many more. 

Ved has also worked in Nashville with Grammy award-winning artists with credits on Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, and Jessica Simpson albums.  
Your songs will be professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered by our Chief Engineer Ved Kapic.  Our goal is to put our passion, our knowledge, and our experience into your mix and master.  We want your mix to have a touch of our musical talent and history.  

We are an established studio located in the Metro Detroit Area.  Our physical location has been serving the amazing  Detroit talent  since 2006.  
Our Chief Engineer Ved Kapic is the founder of the company.  Ved obtained his education at the Recording Institute of Detroit, where he was trained by one of the top quality control engineers of Motown Record Company.

We love music and people!


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