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  • Winter Wonderland 2:31
  • You Put The Stars Back In My Eyes (ft. Tim McGraw Band Members) 2:49
  • Rap-Classic 0:22
  • Rap-Juice0:00
  • Feeling it 5:17
  • Sugar Daddy For Christmas (ft. Tim McGraw's Band Members) 2:50
  • Little Orange Shack 3:32
  • You Got Me 3:21
  • Jazz - I Want a Sugar Daddy for Christmas2:51
  • Country-Do I0:00
  • Rock-From the Inside0:00
  • Triple Threat (ft. Swift from D-12) 3:08
  • Rap-Calm Retreat0:00
  • Acoustic-Black and White 2:17
  • Rock-Generational Spokesman0:00
  • Rock-Heart of the matter0:00
  • R&B-Let it go3:15
  • Rock-Vinyl Fangs 0:00
  • Gospel-The Prayer0:00
  • Rock-Shook me all night long0:00
  • Country-Love your love the most0:00
  • Where's The Beef3:11

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Tracking/Overdubbing: Whether you need a quick and easy demo or a full live band studio recording, we have a professional facility to accomodate any of your recording needs. 

Editing/Mixing/Mastering: Central Recording Studio has a professionally tuned control room with state of the art equipment for these next steps in the recording process. 

Beat Production: We produce a variety of genres using the traditional beat making process and live instruments, which include; drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars. 

Cassette to CD or MP3 Transfer: We can now transfer your favorite cassette tapes to CD or Mp3.  We can remaster your audio and make it sound cleaner and louder. ​

Drum Tracks:​ We can remotely record live drum tracks for your project.